italínea: social responsability

Building a place to live a happy life.

Italínea provides actions for sustainable development of society as a whole, doing a business management with a focus on the quality of interpersonal relationships. Therefore, investing in social projects and initiatives dumps mainly children and adolescents.

Heart Project Citizen

Through the Heart Project Citizen, Italínea contributes to the development of children and adolescents lacking, assisting in their integration into the community and raising awareness as citizens.

Since 2002, promotes cultural workshops in dance, theater and music, with practical and theoretical activities. Ensures additional incentives for transportation, food and materials. In 2006, expanded the service with the introduction of the Educational Support Center and Partner Center for Family Guidance and Support Partner, through the work of psychology, social pedagogy professionals and engaged in rescuing the family ties and promote staying in school.

Projeto Coração Cidadão


Italínea encourages volunteerism among employees, the mobilization of any collection and distribution of donations on special occasions of the year and at specific times in which any extra help is welcome, as in the disasters that leave many people homeless.