Italínea: People Management

Very Happy every day

Italínea is concerned to offer to its employees the best working environment for personal and professional growth, with constant improvement and development of their talents. See here, some of the programs developed by Italínea for their employees.

Let's Grow Together

Give to the employees an opportunity of a continued improvement, personal and professional growth development. With the internal selection process, job descriptions, performance evaluation, merit promotions and incentive to study, attracts and stimulates the development of talent in the company.

Develop Program

There are several actions for individual and collective development, aligned with the career planning and succession for employees with potential growth in the company hierarchy.

Plan Program

Italínea evaluates trains and show to their employees where are the opportunities for a professional growing according to the needs of the organization.

Performance Evaluation

Held twice a year, is an evaluation of each employee to improve individual performance and consequently the results of the whole team.

Organizational Climate Survey

Each year a survey is conducted with the participation of all employees. It measures the degree of satisfaction with respect to the environment and quality of life at work, facilities, internal relations, and so on.

Appreciation for Life

This is a project of prevention against drugs use, whether at work or elsewhere, through informative and motivational lectures.

Zero Waste, Clean Technology Program

Its aim is to continuously improve and optimize the use and exploitation of raw materials in all manufacturing processes, reducing progressively in product remains unprocessed.


Italínea’s employees are entitled to various benefits related to health, education, fellowship among other important incentives.

Sharing Program - PPR

The objective of this program is to share the positive results of the company with the employees to build a cooperative environment.

Internal Communication

Several actions regarding internal communication were implanted by Italínea with the aim of improving the relationship and exchange of information. They are: Organizational Climate Survey, Information on the Company's Murals, Panels and Banners, Meeting with all the Employees and Intranet.