Italínea: Presentation

Established in 1997 by entrepreneurs with relevant participation in the furniture market business, Italínea fits the exigencies of the contemporary life, and makes versatility an important partner to expand even more its vision.

With resellers installed in all over Brazil, it produces kitchens, bedrooms, home theaters, home offices, tables and seats, laundry areas, bathrooms and corporative areas, with excellent finishing and also specially developed to satisfy those who look for flexibility when planning.

Beyond national market, Italínea exports to several other countries, which reinforces its domain, competitiveness and excellence of its customer service. A company somewhat young, but who has in its essence the competence of its professionals, a solid base in the furniture industry and a innovative positioning.

With a final customer focus, the company keeps up with the market evolution, offering specific products and personalized projects for each client, always innovating in each detail, with an intense productive knowledge, develop solution for the spaces.

Italínea achieved it not only for the quality of its products, that results in the constant technological improvement, but also for having a business philosophy in tune with the customer requirements and a solid partnership with its suppliers, representatives and stores owners.